Sunday, January 30, 2011

Simply Grounded

written by Stephie Goldfish

I began the road to recovery this week. It began with a simple discovery of getting to my deepest feelings, and finally realizing the fact that not being grounded has led me to a chaotic and unstable life over the years, but even more so over the past five years since leaving NYC. These deep feelings I’ve been running from have kept my life in turmoil, and have not led to living a life of simplicity.
My friend Cheryl, over at Culture Smith Consulting, invited me just a few days ago to join her in her Simplify Blog Project:  Simplify being her theme for the project through Lent.
The definitions of SIMPLIFY and GROUNDED are different but work together harmoniously:
Here is the definition of SIMPLIFY:
to make simple or simpler: as
a: to reduce to basic essentials
b: to diminish in scope or complexity : streamline <was urged to simplify management procedures>
c: to make more intelligible : clarify
Here is the definition of GROUNDED:
: mentally and emotionally stable : admirably sensible, realistic, and unpretentious <remains grounded despite all the praise and attention>
So, I made a list of things that I think will help simplify my life or, specifically, ground me.
§  Having a feeling or sense of connectedness with like minded (creative) people:
o   Like at The High Calling / Friends and Family / My Twin Sister
o   People who enjoy doing similar things together
§  Coffee, museums, walking in the park
§  Reading creative work
§  Viewing beautiful art
§  Listening to inspiring music
§  Reading from the bible
§  A tree can only be grounded if it has strong roots:
o   So having roots means having a sense of belonging to a place or community
§  Like work, school or volunteering
§  Church / community
§  Being among writers like my friends Laura, Cheryl, L.L., Jennifer, Maya
§  Neighbors
·  Getting to know them personally
·  Helping out a neighbor in need
§  Being creative — having Energy to create:
o   Writing (Nonfiction or Fiction) / Essays, Short Stories, Poems
o   Workshops — Maya Stein’s online workshop
o   Continuing Education Courses
o   Art — drawing, painting, making things
§  Having Sunlight and Water makes a Tree Grow
o   Being around good Energy — people who are positive
o   Having space to grow
§  Example the Oak tree and the Weeping Willow tree (they cannot live side by side because one hides the sun and one takes all the water).
§  Having my OWN identity:
o   If it means going separate places to eat, live and having separate friends
o   I’d like to live in my own “space” — not be identified “totally” as The Twins
o   Having my own means of transportation
o   Having my own life — less worry about each other
o   Standing solid and separate, yet not being competitive
o   Seeing our own value and qualities, as well as seeing the other’s value and qualities
o   Not feeling jealous of my sister and her not feeling jealous of me
§  Being organized and clean
o   Keeping house in order/clean/organized
o   Showing up for myself and the world

During the weeks that follow, I'll be going into more detail on some of the things listed above.

And along with my friends, we hope to really make some changes that will make our lives have more clarity and simplicity.

What about you? Have you thought of simplifying your life? If you’d like to join in on the discussion, join us over at Culture Smith Consulting where we will be discussing how to Simplify our lives.

Culture Smith Consulting


  1. This is quite a list Stephanie. I love how you began with a list of things that you help feel grounded. I think that's a great starting place, and causes me to pause and ponder...

  2. Cheryl, Thanks for your encouragement, and for inviting me to join in your project. It's an ambitious list, and one very important aspect of this list that I didn't include is in trying to simplify my life, I've been neglecting the power of prayer, and your posts and some others posts lately have really reminded me to try to pray more often and for them to be more meaningful. This will be a major source in helping me accomplish my goals.

  3. You made sense to me. I think in order to truly simplify, I need to reorder some of my life. Simplifying isn't necessarily reading a book on Sat. instead of grading papers. I'm still isolated and less likely to grade the papers. I need to nurture some relationships and spend the time back in the arts whether its theatre or taking a class or just start by making cards again. I get tired easily, so balance is a constant with me.
    Thank you for all that you gave me to ponder.