Saturday, January 8, 2011

Voices Inside and Out

written by Stephie Goldfish
Quiet down this constant chatter,
the whispering whirls inside my head
and outside too. They’re real these
voices that laugh and snicker
telling tales true and untrue!
But are they real the voices I hear
inside as loud as out? Laughing at me
saying you’re no good, why bother to
write it down. Staring eyes, coded
hands move making me even more
suspicious and nervous. Someone
stands behind me watching
me as I write. A man walks in and
sits at a computer diagonally across
from me, with a hint of a smile on
his face. He must know about me?
Two librarians are in small
conversation over at the front desk,
talking about what I must have done.
Will this ever subside, these feelings
I have of constantly being
over-exposed and observed?

1 comment:

  1. Those inner voices can seem very real, and they are loud enough to make the lies seem like truth. Hoping you can put the inner voices on mute, and listen to the Only Voice that matters.

    Much love to you ...