Sunday, July 3, 2011


written by Stephie Goldfish

Fragile, handle with care, thirteen boxes
shipped across the USA by bus three or
four times in a lifetime wear down the
soul, sitting in corners, collecting dust

Do not bend, photos, mailed with
hundreds of letters through snow, rain,
sleet, and heavy wind, but how do you
keep the spirit protected from the pain

Hearts are bound to be broken and spirits
are certain to be crushed and bent, but
loving deeds and words spoken at the
right time surely do mend


  1. *sigh*

    just lovely. so perfect.

  2. Laura, thank you for your comment. I actually wrote this poem thinking of my mother. I had taken a photo of her and I felt how fragile she is now. I thought of how overtime the body, mind, and spirit gets beaten and bruised in this world. But how words, God's word, have the power to heal.