Friday, September 30, 2011

Letters from Mom: A Tuesday in 1988

Dear Steph,

     Kim came home after talking to you. She told me you had lost weight, a size 7. Why don't you call Dr. S. and ask him about this. We love you so much.

     If working is too hard on you just stop and come home let us fatten you up. Ha. Like Debra she would come home skinny and I'd feed her good. Then she would go back.

     We miss you and it's so hard being so far away. Money isn't everything. Being happy and feeling as good as you can. God, sweetheart. I'm lost for words.

     I just want you to know that if you want to come home and rest. We have just as much don't we, when we are here as there.

     I know you love J.G. and want a life with him, an apartment. His mom needs him, etc. You can't even get married. Come home to West Virginia. Put Jehovah first. We will too!

     I love you so much. I don't like to pressure you. But I just want you to know we want you to come home if you want to.

     Life is so uncertain it seems to everyone and critical times hard to deal with. Earth is in it's darkest night.

     The dawn of the new era will come very soon, the millennial reign.

     I've always heard it is darkest before the dawn.

     We need to forget the world and flee to Jehovah. If no one else wants to go then leave them behind to make their own choice of life or death.

     This is our only hope. Not to be limping on two opinions. Trying to do good in the world is next to impossible.

     The world measures success on your $$$!

     Although money is needed to support us, if we humble ourselves and go back to the basics of life, this is more important than gaining the whole world. You know what I mean.

     Sure it is hard no matter where we are but to be free from being a slave to the world of Satan -- How great it will be to be truly free. Right. Romans 8 Chapter.

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