Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Review of Rumors

by Stephie Goldfish
Rumors of Water: thoughts on creativity & writing
by L.L. Barkat

I’ve never met L.L. Barkat in person—I don’t know if she’s blonde or brunette, short or tall, or whatever. Someday I hope to meet her in person, but I feel I’ve come to know her writer’s soul through her writing and her blogs. Sharing what she thinks, feels, and believes about creativity and good writing is easy to be found in her latest book, Rumors of Water: thoughts on creativity & writing.
I had learned early on that L.L. was writing a new book, and I even shared some thoughts to her cover designs, along with some other fellow bloggers. The cover design includes a detailed floral design by her youngest daughter, aka Lovely Laughing Lady.
One only has to know L.L.’s passion for tea and her love for her daughters to understand why such a book began as Rumors.
There are many lessons I learned of a mother’s love and deep devotion to her daughters as much as lessons about her commitment to her art of writing and how she shares this with those around her.
L.L. gives us a glimpse of how the story unfolds in the first chapter:
I have been trying to write while raising my girls. I have been struggling. There are days I feel wildly creative; there are weeks when I feel ground down and completely spent. I am trying to show my girls that creativity is theirs for the taking. Sometimes it seems to be. Sometimes I feel the road is so long they will never get where they’re trying to go.
The mother-daughter relationship is intricately woven into a beautiful tapestry of creative lessons taught and creative lessons learned. From the opening poem by William Butler Yeats, “The Stolen Child”, to L.L.’s last words of the book, she honors her girls as well as her passion for the writing life.
One sees that, as a mother raises her daughters, and guides them, it is still God who makes them grow in ways we only hope for and, sometimes, as the title suggests, we have to live by faith—to see it all through.

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