Monday, December 19, 2011

Are You Where You Want to Be in 2012?

Photo credit by: Kim Eisenstein

by Stephie Goldfish

Looking back over this year, 2011, it sure has been a year of people on the move. Courageously leaving her practice here in Raleigh, one of my doctors moved clear across the country. I myself have moved about three times this year—back home to WV, to Nashville, TN, and finally back to Raleigh, NC—all within four months. Some of my Facebook friends, who’ve lived in stability most of their lives, are trying to find their place, knowing that it’s not the actual place that makes one stable, but have feelings of upheaval and the need to move to a place where they will be most comfortable and content within themselves.

It’s also been a year that has shaken things up all over the world, with all the events that took place in the Middle East and elsewhere and even here in our country with the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Even my psychiatrist, who can’t very well pick up and leave her practice here in Raleigh, has gotten involved. I would join forces, too, except I don’t really have anyone who’d bail me out of jail. And if you’ve ever ridden hand-cuffed in a police car and taken to the police station, it is a scary experience.

I’ve heard it said that people are instinctively moving around in 2011 to be where they need to be or should be or really want to be when 2012 ushers in what some think is the End of the World.

During this time of year with Christmas upon us makes me think of how Mary and Joseph were in transit during the birth of Jesus. In fact, Mary and Joseph had nowhere to rest for the night and slept in the stable where the Inn travelers kept their horses. Yet, God was with them. Jesus’ name means, “With us is God.”

That’s what comforted them then and that’s what comforts me now during times of upheaval. I often reflect on Jesus’ life and for most of it he never had a settled or secure place to rest his head or to call his own. But Jesus knew that his heart and sights were not on fleshly but spiritual interests. He cared about the human condition and he wanted to spread good news to everyone he encountered.

In 2012, some think that we are going to be wiped off the face of the earth. Whether it happens or not, I know that God has everything and everyone in his care. He’s even made a promise and he intends to keep it. In 2 Peter 3:9, it says regarding His promise: “God is not slow respecting his promise, as some people consider slowness, but he is patient with you because he does not desire any to be destroyed but desires all to attain to repentance.”

So, we’ve all got less than 12 days before we bring in the New Year 2012. When the ball drops in New York City—the city that never sleeps—and when the acorn falls in Raleigh, North Carolina—the City of Oaks—are you where you want to be in 2012?


  1. Oh, goodness, I haven't even thought of New Year's resolutions yet! I guess that's ok. I love where you end with this post, Stephanie. "God with us". Ah, yes. That is blessed assurance.

    Thank you for your sweet words over at my place. If you and Kim are in town on New Year's Day I would love if you could come and hear my sermon! That would be a sweet gift, to look out and see you there :).

  2. Yes, you are correct. Next year I want to be somewhere else ~ within myself. We live together in a shared reality but we vision our place within it.
    Home is a way we can feel.
    We all know that home is actually a little blue ball spinning and circling and tilting ~ never in a place or time more than once ~ slave to a smallish star that spins and circle and tilts.
    Amid the eternal chaos we reach out for the only stability there is ... love.
    When we find love and live there, we are home.
    Welcome to the 'new' year, welcome home Stephanie.