Sunday, February 5, 2012

Their God On the Road

written by Stephie Goldfish

she decides
to leave him

to his God on the road

Days later at a camp for refugees
in Dadaab, Kenya, she pleas

I am sure
he was alive
how my heart breaks

I am left to my fate


Two of the children
could not walk on

Instead of us all
dying there

I was forced

to leave them to their fate

Thinking of the other five children and their mother
he left behind at home

He said to himself

Save your life
for the interest
of the five

these two have their God


As lovers from our past friendships often cannot pursue
these will be my last words to you:

I wish you all the best in your life

we decide
to leave them

to their God on the road

1 comment:

  1. steph, I've read this 12 times or so now... it is dreamlike, fragmented, terrible to contemplate. And pretty good.
    Emotional impact.