Monday, January 14, 2013

Five Birds Suddenly Appear


written by Stephie Goldfish

How is it possible five little birds, all in the span of a morning, suddenly appear

one after the other, a blue bird, another a cardinal, fluttering on air

outside my window shield? How is it possible these most ethereal

of all creatures and closest to heaven came to me heralding?

Heartened by their presence, as if it were a wink from God,

my spirit began boosting with confidence, with an approval, a nod.

Their very presence reminded me that, rather than thinking of it as an omen,

the ultimate power is within this present, unseen moment.

And, sensing my desire to inhabit their skies and touch the face of God, what I heard them say to me is fly,

fly into your own natural confidence, as if you were born to lead with grace and nobility.

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